Sends text messages to many cell phones via your computer for free.


  • FREE
  • No knowledge of carriers required
  • Can send to many people at the same time


  • We are working on the autodetection of SMTP server better

Sends text messages to many cell phones via your computer for free.

Sends text messages to cell phones from your computer for free. Useful for sending the same message to many people. Uses bult in address book. It is not necessary to know the recipients phone carrier.

Additional features include:

-Auto detects your SMTP server

-Messages can be set to be repeated, or sent at a specific time.

-Recipients can be categorized

-Message logging

-Allows return messages via email

-Allows command line operation for batching.

-Can import name and numbers

-Can also send to EMail addresses as well as phone numbers

-Message sending speed can be thottled back to work with most ISPs

Anyone who needs to contact a group of people via texting can use this program. Often used by clubs, organizations, religious groups, etc.

There is no exact comperable program, but some big differences between this program and other texting programs are:

This program is free.

It does not require you to know who the recipient's phone carrier is.

It can send a message on a set schedule.

It supports command line processing

can be scheduled to send messages later, or repeat on a schedule.



TextMessagePLUS 9.1.3

User reviews about TextMessagePLUS

  • steven.safcosoftware

    by steven.safcosoftware

    "Excellent free program"

    Allows you to send free text messages to virtually anyone over the internet for free. Easy to setup and use..   More.